LawZone is all about helping you to manage your own legal affairs and making sure that you are not at a disadvantage by dealing yourself with legal matters. You keep control, do as much or as little of the work yourself as you choose, and buy in just the legal know-how and experience you need. It’s the new modern way of dealing with a legal matter and makes access to the law affordable.

We work by providing a range of DIY law books, documents and guides for immediate download and through our mascot, Bertie the Legal Beagle, having our experienced and well qualified lawyers on standby for when needed. When consulted, they will tell you all that you need to know about the law, and be there to help and advise if required. When instructed, we like to get to know you, so that we understand what you wish to achieve. We can then identify the law relating to your problem and advise on the most cost effective method of resolving the problem. Whenever possible we nip the problem in the bud, and when this is not possible, adopt a firm reasoned but conciliatory approach to litigation. Our approach is always one of openness and integrity, with your interests at the forefront.

You will find us open, honest, friendly and down to earth. Above all, we work to the highest ethical standard often lost in the modern legal world, and our clients’ interests are always put first. We offer the same (or greater) legal expertise, but in a personal user-friendly way and without exorbitant hourly charge. Working exclusively online with minimal overheads, our charges are very significantly less than those you would pay a High Street law firm, even without the personal service, experience and 24/7 availability we offer.

Since 2004 (we were previously Legal Zone), we have provided legal advice and help to many thousands of people. We are proud of the reputation we have built up over these years. We offer a multi-disciplined service and have available experts in most fields, who can be called upon to help when needed.  We fully understand the dissatisfaction with the conventional profession and approach to assisting those with legal problems. If you wish to be in control of your legal matter whilst having a lawyer working alongside you to fall back on, we may well be for you. If further information on whether we might be able to help is required, we can be contacted here. A written advice and contact with a Law Zone lawyer on a particular problem is available for a fixed fee by clicking Ask Bertie