You are an old fashioned lawyer, who remembers how it used to be. You became a lawyer to help others, but still expected to make a reasonable living. Looking for a sane work/life balance. Want to be a lawyer, not just a business person. Fed up with the bad image of the profession. Fed up with over regulation. Just fed up.

You may be a solicitor, former solicitor, retired or non practicing. Maybe a barrister or an experienced legal executive. You are a good lawyer and fed up with the way things are.

Tick any of the above and maybe you should have a word with LawZone.

LawZone is a different way of working. Those that join us will be those who wish to combine (and enjoy) a professional life with the freedom of being able to work when and where they wish. You will receive a steady stream of enquiries and requests for legal help and advice, and have the support of our organisation and network of enthusiastic lawyers.

Your prime consideration will be helping people with legal problems whilst making a reasonable charge for your services. What we and our clients value most is commitment, reliability and high ethical standards, to run alongside your sound knowledge of the law and procedure.

LawZone is breaking the mold. If you would like to join the LawZone family of independent lawyers, be part of the future and enjoy a better life style, get in touch and send us anĀ Email