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Getting professional legal advice and help from a qualified lawyer is now affordable, fast and easy. Just as it should be. All you have to do is fill in the form above with your name, provide an email address for our reply and tell us about your problem. Your question will then be passed to one of our lawyers with experience of your matter who will reply usually straightaway with their advice. If you are happy with the advice given you will then be asked to make a secure payment of £25 by PayPal or debit/credit card. You can then ask any follow up questions and be in touch with your lawyer for any more help needed.

Help and advice on your legal matters from a qualified lawyer.

Advice on a legal matter does not need to cost the earth. Working online our lawyers advise on the law applicable to the facts of your case and the best way to resolve your leal problem. All advice is given by real, fully qualified lawyers with around 20 years experience. It is strictly confidential, available 7 days a week, and you will usually receive a reply straightaway.

The help and advice we provide is equal to that of a conventional law firm. All you do not get is the frills of fancy offices and paying for services you do not need. You just get the help you need from a qualified lawyer.

How It Works?
Here are some FAQs and you can also contact us at

Other sites offer free advice so why should I pay you?
These sites are intended for those who believe in a free lunch. Some ask for you to sign up and give your credit card details. The free advice offered is then for a short trial period after which you will be paying for legal services you are unlikely to need. Other sites will just pass your enquiry to a firm of lawyers who have subscribed to them and who will then pester you to instruct them. Other sites give you a short (and useless free answer) and then ask you to pay for full advice.
Our advice service is straightforward with no catch. You pay a fair price for the lawyer’s time and experience and get a fully detailed answer to your question.
Can I ask a follow on question?
Yes. Very often we will need to come back to you for more information which will then raise other issues which we will then address.
Will I be able to instruct the lawyer who has answered my question to deal with my matter if I choose to do so?
Yes. Subject to the lawyer being available to take on further matters they will usually agree to help further and will always agree their fee with you beforehand.
Am I able to speak with the lawyer who answers my question on the telephone?
Yes. After you have received a written answer to your question you can ask the lawyer to call you to discuss. There is no additional charge for this.
Can you answer any legal question?
We do not answer questions on immigration or on issues not involving the Law of England and Wales. Otherwise we can usually help with any legal matter which could be dealt with by a High Street firm of solicitors.
How long does it take before I get an answer?
It can depend. If a lawyer who deals with the subject of your question is available it may only take as long as necessary to fully answer your question. Otherwise it could be a few hours but we always endeavour to reply within 24 hours.
Do I have to pay before I get an answer?
No. We are confident that you will be happy with the advice given and trust you to pay what is a fair charge for the advice.
Who will answer my question?
Unlike many legal help and advice services all questions are answered by a fully qualified lawyer. He or she will have many years’ experience in their subject area and during their career have practiced as a barrister or solicitor.
Will my question be kept confidential?
Yes. Our service is strictly confidential and secure and if you wish can be anonymous.
I really want free advice. Why can’t I have that?
There is really no such thing as free legal advice and when it is offered it is not worth having. Lawyers are no different from plumbers, motor mechanics, or house builders who you would not expect to work for nothing. They cannot offer their services for nothing as they have to eat and pay their rent or mortgages just as anyone else and have families to support. What there is is free legal information. That is readily available from a multitude of websites including ours. It can be of variable quality and often is not up to date but it is useful for carrying out research on a legal problem. In some cases it could be all that is needed to answer a legal question. Legal information is not the same as legal advice however. Legal advice is very different and can only be given by a qualified lawyer with experience of the subject area. To advise on a legal matter requires a combination of knowledge, understanding and experience. A lawyer must have a proper understanding of the law and procedure and know where to go to find the detail often required. Even with this knowledge he or she will be of limited use without the experience which can only come from many years of practice. Probably 7 years learning the Law and obtaining professional qualifications and then a further 10 ‘learning the game’. Our lawyers have all of the qualifications and will have spent on average 20 years in practice post qualification. There will not be many problems they have not met during that time. The difference is that they now work independently rather than with the big firms and legal establishment. This means that working exclusively on line they do not have to charge for fancy offices, support staff and all the other things unnecessary to those who just want a lawyer on hand when needed to help and advise

A few kind words from our clients

I have to say LawZone has been a true gem and very helpful to me and kind in some difficult times. I have nothing more than admiration for their services.
There are many things that astound me in life. Among them is the fact I can be presented with a very troubling issue, and then experience the good grace of the answer to it, so appearing. In this instance, in the form of your good self,
Let me thank you so much for your comprehensive reply to my query. It has been very kind of you to have also included such helpful comments on the usefulness of Non-Disclosure Agreements and pointers on how to best protect Intellectual Property, which I will surely follow from now on.
Thanks so much for contacting me. I cannot tell you how much better I felt afterwards.
We just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with our situation. As you predicted…. We are very grateful for your advice.
I must say we are very lucky and happy for having your assistance on this.